Major Industries: Exports: iron ore, fish and fish products. Imports: machinery and equipment, petroleum products, capital goods, foodstuffs, consumer goods
Major trading partners: France, UK, US, China (2005). Export partners: Italy, France, Germany, Japan
Exchange rate: US$1 = 266 Mauritanian Ouguiya (May 2007); £1 = 528 Ouguiya)

Business and Economy 

Investment opportunities in Mauritania

with its three versions: Arabic English and French: 

Mauritania represents a country of opportunity for all investors. Mauritania has developed a climate of investment more than favorable, covering: freedom of establishment and investment, natural resources, road facilities, airports, skilled labor and political stability.

Agricultural crops include dates, millet, sorghum, rice, maize, pulses and yams. Farming takes place mainly along the Senegal River. Some of Mauritania's food supplies have to be imported.

Fishing is an important industry and fish are a major export. The fishing grounds off the Atlantic coast are among the most productive in the world. As with fishing grounds off the South American coast it is cold ocean currents which support the fisheries.

Manufacturing is on a relatively small scale. Fish processing is an important industry in this sector of the economy. Local crafts include carpet and rug production, leatherwork, jewellery and silverwork.

Iron ore is also important and accounts for a large proportion of commodities exported. Copper, gold, diamonds, phosphates, gypsum, sulphur and salt are also produced. Oil has been discovered eighty kilometres offshore: exploration and appraisal took place in 2008.

As the promising oil and gas prospects now being explored offshore are brought to fruition, Mauritania will have the chance to diversify its currently narrow export base. Rich in minerals, off shore petroleum reserves, halieutic resources and numerous touristy sites the investment opportunities are endless.

Please review:
"Guide de l’Investisseur " written by the Ministry of economic affairs and development (Ministère des affaires économiques et du développement)

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Mauritania Airlines International


 National Flights

Nouadhibou, Nouakchott, Zouerate

International Flights

Abidjan (Ivory Cost), Bamako (Mali), Brazzaville (RDC) Casablanca (Morocco) , Conakry (Guinea) , Cotonou (Benin) Dakar (Senegal), Las Palmas (Spain), Tunis (Tunisia), Freetown (Sierra Leone)

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Mauritania to reach the Africa Cup of Nations



Rise of the Mauritanian Football Association 

has been remarkable.

Their progress – up to 103rd in the world – is reward for the intelligent development of football Mauritania.

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World Bank Group - Mauritania



Mauritania continues to excel in its Doing Business performance.  In the last three years, 12 major reforms around starting a business, accessing credit, trading across borders, paying taxes and registering property were put in place and five were adopted in the 2018. 

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